"Endo­me­triosis is like a hole in the roof through which water flows. Water causes destruc­tion in the building. Fixing this issue requires both removal of damage and sealing the roof to prevent further damage. Surgical treat­ment can be compared to repairing these damages, while nutri­tional therapy to sealing the roof. Both are necessary."

Jan Olek, gynecologist

What is the relation between nutrition with endometriosis?

In an article descri­bing the causes of endometriosis you can read that the major factor deter­mines the develop­ment of the disease is the impair­ment of the immune system. It results the develop­ment of lesions of endome­triosis from the reversed mentrual blood.

The immune system will be able to deal better with the cells of endome­trium situated in a wrong place by pre­ven­ting the develop­ment of endome­triosis lesions. In this way, we limit the risk of diseas recurrence.

How does it happen that these mecha­nisms are beeing impaired? First of all, there are environ­mental factors that have negative impact:

  • food (toxins, pesticides, preservatives, GMO, sugar, gluten, casein and other),
  • air pollution, chemicals, plastics, water pollution.

They all lead to intestinal dysbiosis.

Intestinal dysbiosis

The intestine is a tube lined with the mucous membrane of more than 7 meters lenght from the mouth cavity to the anus, forming a bar­rier between the outside world and the blood circu­la­tion system. The intestinal surface area is appro­xi­ma­tely 300 m long 2 </ sup>, roughly the size of the tennis court. Mucosal mucosa of intestine hosts 10 billion cells produ­cing antibo­dies per meter of the intestine (80% of all immune system cells), making the intestine the largest organ of the immune system.

Rys. Jelito człowieka.

There is about 2 kg of living intestinal bacteria in the intestine that fulfil a salu­tary function in our body. They:

  • produce large amounts of vitamins B and K,
  • protect us from pathogenic bacteria, fungi and parasites,
  • help digest food, mainly protein,
  • the bacteria in contact with the mucous membrane create a defense shield for our body.

Intestinal dysbiosis is the impaired balance between good bacte­rial flora in the intestine and other bacte­ria, fungi and parasi­tes, poten­tially patho­genic ones. Dysbiosis is a major cause of immune system impairment.

How to cure intestinal dysbiosis?

Changing the diet into the proper one elimi­nates intestinal dysbiosis and food intole­rance, which results in a signi­fi­cant impro­ve­ment of the condi­tion of the immune system.

The immune system will be able to deal better with cells of endome­trium situated in the wrong place by pre­ven­ting the develop­ment of endome­triosis lesions. In this way, we limit the risk of disease recurrence.

Nutritional therapy instead of hormone therapy?

In Miracolo, we usually encourage in nutri­tional therapy those patients who sign up for surgical removal of endome­triosis zabieg usuwania endometriozy. We use the nutri­tional therapy instead of hormone therapy. Due to the high interest in our nutri­tional therapy, we have also begun to offer it to patients who were not operated by us.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our nutri­tional therapy.

Wondering if you also have endometriosis?

The sooner you diagnose this disease, the more likely you are to cure it completely. It means not only a better quality of life due to the lack of menstrual ailments, but also a restoration of your natural fertility.