Why does endometriosis cause infertility?

Constant inflam­ma­tion resul­ting from the lesion of endome­triosis leads to hostile environ­ment that, not only, negati­vely affects ovum quality and hormonal manage­ment, but also impairs the trans­port of the ovary and sperm. Adhesions can mecha­ni­cally compress the fallo­pian tubes, resul­ting in obstruction.

There may be many causes of infer­ti­lity, but medical stati­stics show that endome­triosis is present in 80% of women with ferti­lity problems.

Rys. The reproductive system of a woman changed as a result of many years of endometriosis.


In Miracolo we provide a com­pre­hen­sive asses­sment of female ferti­lity; from the cervix, through the uterine cavity (hyste­ro­sco­py), fallo­pian tubes (fallo­pian tube patency test) to the pelvic assesment and the entire abdominal cavity (mini­la­pa­ro­scopy or trans­va­ginal laparoscopy).

We offer an intere­sting and precise diagno­stic proce­dure called trans­va­ginal laparo­scopy TVL - we can accura­tely assess the condi­tion of the uterus, fallo­pian tubes and lesser pelvis during a short proce­dure that does not leave scars and can be made without anesthe­sia. It is not required to stay overnight at the hospi­tal. See our minimally invasive TVL diagnostic.

Surgical treatment

In Miracolo we also offer a com­pre­hen­sive treat­ment for the causes of infer­ti­lity, including:

  • Uterus:
    • removal of endometrial polyps
    • correction of congenital uterus defects, such as uterine septum
    • removal of uterine fibroid by both hysteroscopy and laparoscopy
  • Fallopian tubes:
    • recanalization (dilatation) of fallopian tubes
    • plastic surgery of the fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis:
    • endometrial cysts
    • cutting out and vaporization of the lesions on peritoneum, intestine, bladder, fallopian tubes, liver
    • endometriosis deeply infiltrating the large intestine including partial resection of the intestine
    • endometriosis under the cesarean section scar
  • removal of adhesions with the use of anti-adhesion device

See our offer of treatments.

Wondering if you also have endometriosis?

The sooner you diagnose this disease, the more likely you are to cure it completely. It means not only a better quality of life due to the lack of menstrual ailments, but also a restoration of your natural fertility.